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Welcome to Hawaii American History and Genealogy Project.  I am Judy White and the one who is going to ask you to submit your site to join our family. We are a very friendly group who enjoy researching our own genealogy and helping others find the information they need to research their own. The American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP), an unincorporated not for profit network of independent sites devoted to History and Genealogy, and covering North American Countries and Territories.  For more information about our group, including how you can join us, please use our Comment form.

We are also the home for several other states for AHGP, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon and now Hawaii.  We have open counties in many of these states and we encourage you to look around and make a selection for yourself. If you need we also offer hosting for a site.


The state of Hawaii is made up of an island chain that extends for about 2,600 km (about 1,600 mi) between the island of Hawaii in the southeast and Kure Island in the northwest. The state has a total area of 28,311 sq km (10,931 sq mi), including 98 sq km (38 sq mi) of inland water. It is the fourth smallest state. The mean elevation is about 920 m (3,030 ft).


County List
County Organized County Seat Coordinator
Hawaii 1905 Hilo Adopt Me
Honolulu 1905 Honolulu Linda Simpson
Kauai 1905 Lihue Adopt Me
Maui 1905 Wailuku Adopt Me

Please use our comment page if you are interested in adopting one of the Islands. AHGP allows more than one web site per county.  If you would like to adopt one of the counties, please go to About this Project for information on what is required for hosting a county.
Requirements to host a county page within the Hawaii AHGP
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  • You must leave all BS and politics at the door before entering AHGP. No controversy, arguments, or politics will be allowed.
  • Your site must contain some original content of a historical and/or genealogical nature, and not be a collection of links to other sites.
  • Participants are expected to find space for their own web projects.
Pretty simple, huh? That's it, it's all you have to do to be a member of the Hawaii AHGP!
There are also some requirements of AHGP and you can view them here.
Thanks for your interest in the Hawaii AHGP and I hope you will join our happy family!
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